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Mission Statement

Denver International Schoolhouse is a preschool that prepares children ages 2 to 6 years old, to be ready for elementary school. Not only are we preparing them for their first year in elementary school, we also teach them Spanish hand in hand with the curriculum. This approach sets the foundation to becoming dual language learners.

Now more than ever, technology and globalization are connecting people across the world. Bilingual speakers will have an advantage for future success.

These early years are the optimal time in your child's life to learn a second language. Give your child an opportunity that comes just once in their lifetime - learning a second language the fun, natural way. Help your child begin their academic and social life ahead of their monolingual peers.


Why Immersion Learning?

Preschool years are the optimal window of language development for children. DIS maximizes this opportunity by allowing students to absorb the Spanish language naturally while they learn and discover the world around them. Our curriculum is rich with hands-on experiences that encourage a love of learning and help children become life-long learners.

What To Expect

Children are prepared to be academically ready for their elementary years. The only difference is that they will be able to do it in two languages!

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What does the research show?

Many articles have been published about learning languages and the best practices.

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