DIS has been my daughter’s preschool home and family since she was 18 months old. We have appreciated the environment, the wonderful staff and everything she has learned in her time there. It has been such a gift to have a place where we feel so comfortable with her care and the education she receives. Thank you DIS!

– Ashley, Facebook Review

WE love so much about DIS. My daughter will now be entering Kindergarten and I am confident that she will do well because of what she learned at DIS. She is reading, spelling words, writing her full name and can talk quite a bit of Spanish. At DIS she also participated in many activities, had wonderful cooked meals, and was part of a welcoming and comforting community. I highly recommend DIS!

– Natalia, Facebook Review

No better place for your child to go. Both of our boys attended for years and has more than prepared them for the next step!!!

– Scott, Facebook Review

DIS is not just a school, it is a community for our children and our family. A few months ago our four year old son, who attends DIS was diagnosed with cancer. In moments of panic, heartache and worry we have been surrounded by love and care from the community of families and teachers at DIS. Outside of the outstanding education, fun and safety my boys experience ; I love that they are learning what compassion, giving, culture and caring for others really mean! Our family would highly recommend...

– Heather

I am continually impressed by what our daughter is learning at Denver International Schoolhouse! She comes home everyday with something new to share and talks often about her wonderful teacher, Miss Gaby, and having fun with her classmates. Choosing a Spanish immersion preschool has been the best thing we could do to prepare her for an advancing world that values bilingualism.

– Ashley

My 2 1/2 year old has gone to Denver International Schoolhouse for the last year and a half. My daughter is always disappointed if it's not a school day and we know that she is being cared for as well as when she is home with us. I am amazed by the Spanish she comes home with every day and she often teaches us new words. I am so happy that we were able to find Denver International Schoolhouse!

– Lindsay

As a parent it's difficult to trust others with your children but the Denver International schoolhouse has been an incredible environment for my two daughters. They have loved their teachers and are in an excellent academic environment. I love they they can speak both Spanish and English I can see how that has accelerated their learning.

– Liz

My two children attended Denver International Schoolhouse. They both are fluent in Spanish and now go to a full immersion school and were through the kindergarten reading requirements within the first month of school. Check them out, highly recommend!

– Michelle

The new preschool is amazing. You and your staff have been great to Cooper. He has learned so much and grown in his spanish skills. You are so willing to work with us for the best interest of Cooper. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like diversity for your preschoolers!!

– Jodie

My two oldest children were among the very first children to be cared for by Jaime in her Tallyns Reach home. They started there in January 2006 – when she first opened her doors. I always joke that Jaime raised my kiddos but in reality it isn’t a joke. The fact being that they were in her care everyday so she essentially did raise them. From day one I always knew they were safe and well cared for. They are now in middle school and still maintain a relationship with Miss Jaime.

– Monica

My granddaughter attends your school and am amazed at what she has learned. Think you are a great school....

– Glenda

I have taken both my children to the school and highly recommend it. Jamie is absolutely wonderful and employs very kind, competent teachers.

– Jennifer

My 3 year old has been at Denver International Schoolhouse for almost a year, and we absolutely LOVE IT! I especially like the fact that he is learning Spanish as well as his numbers, letters, shapes etc..... They are always doing different learning activities with the children, and I am pleased with what my son has learned here. My son is always asking me if he is "going to school today" so I know he is being taken care of very well!

– Leslie

Both my sons have attended Denver International Schoolhouse for the past two years. They have learned and done so much and had fun while doing it. My oldest son has learned so much Spanish. He has also learned all his letters, sounds, and several sight words. He is beginning to read. I will be so sad when he has to go to Kindergarten. My youngest son (1 1/2) learned to say "gracias" last week. We are so pleased with DIS. I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone.

– Erin